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VCMSII Change of Direction Alarm, Lighting and Motion Module

The RST-VCMS2-PM1-CTRL1-SPC305 is designed to provide a hi-rail vehicle with the needed control and changes to the vehicle lighting while on-rail, while also providing for audible alerts whenever the vehicle changes direction or is in motion, to comply with FRA 214 and APTA on-rail regulations.

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Brooks HiRail Vehicle Shunting Systems

A railway vehicle safety shunt system includes a pair of axle-mounted rail wheels having outer circumferential surfaces that engage the upper surfaces of the rails.

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Delphi Catenary Aerial Rotary Platforms & Scissor Lifts

We represent quality hirail products from Delphi Body Works

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Pro Vision Camera Systems

Camera Systems and Truck Collision Avoidance Systems by Pro Vision Video Systems designed for transit application.

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RailTek Control Modules

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RailTek Engineered Wiring Looms

RailTek Engineered Wiring Looms for Hirail Vehicles

RailTek COD

RailTek COD - Change of Direction Modules

RailTek Railroad Lighting Package

RailTek Railroad Lighting Package Automatic Change of Direction Modules

RailTek Mobile Traction Gel & Applicator

RailTek Mobile Traction Gel & Mobile Traction Gel Applicator - For Slippery Rail Condition

RailTek Creep System for Hirail Vehicles

RailTek Creep System for Hirail Vehicles - Tie Grapples, Vacuum Equipment, Inspection Equipment

Stanley Infrastructure Hydraulic Railroad Tools

STANLEY Infrastructure maintenance of way railroad tools are leading the railroad industry in technological advancement and innovation.

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For further details on specifications and pricing on hi-rail safety products, please contact a RailTek representative at 610-558-1313 or email us here.