VCMSII Change of Direction Alarm, Lighting and Motion Module

The RST-VCMS2-PM1-CTRL1-SPC305 is designed to provide a hi-rail vehicle with the needed control and changes to the vehicle lighting while on-rail, while also providing for audible alerts whenever the vehicle changes direction or is in motion, to comply with FRA 214 and APTA on-rail regulations. 

VCMSII System and Interface Description:

Change-of-Direction Alarm  
The Change-of-Direction alarm is designed for hi-rail vehicles and provides an automatically-timed four second audible alarm whenever the vehicle changes direction while the hi-rail gear is down. The Change-of-Direction alarm output can be connected to provide a pulsing output (O-5), or a steady state output (O-4) during the four second timer period. This Change-of-Direction alarm can be cancelled immediately and automatically reset for another cycle if the Cancel/Reset Input (I-5) gets an override +12Vdc signal from an installer-provided switch, or from the VCMS2-SS232 switch system (if used, see page 7).

Vehicle-in-Motion Alarm
The Vehicle-in-Motion alarm is designed to provide an audible alarm (O-7) anytime the vehicle is on rail and is in motion (forward or reverse). The Vehicle-in-Motion alarm can be cancelled by applying +12Vdc to (I-7) of the module, or by using the Motion Alarm Cancel signal output from the VCMS2-SS232 system (if used, see page 7). Whenever the Vehicle-in-Motion alarm is cancelled, a flashing output (O-8) is supplied to the Vehicle-in-Motion lights. At all times, when the hi-rail is down and the vehicle is in motion, either the audible alarm or flashing light output will be active. Anytime the motion cancel input (I-7) is activated, the mode will toggle from audible alarm to visual flashing alarm, and when activated again it will toggle back from visual flashing alarm to audible alarm. The Audible Vehicle-in-Motion alarm will be the default when the hi-rail is first activated.

Change-of-Direction Lighting
The Change-of-Direction lighting is designed to provide for the exchange of headlamp lighting and brake/tail lamp lighting from front to rear when both the hi- rail gear is down and the vehicle is in reverse. With the hi-rail down and the vehicle in reverse gear, (O-6) supplies +12Vdc to the disable-relays installed on the front and rear of the vehicle (see page 1, SPC305 Input Output Diagram). This disables the relay which disconnects the standard headlights, diverting them to (O-1) for activation the rear headlights installed on the rear of vehicle, and disconnects the standard brake and tail lights on the rear of vehicle, diverting them to the front lights (O-2) Brake and (O-3) Tail lights installed on the front of the vehicle.

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